Software - MultiRen
Name MultiRen.lha - ReadMe
Version 1.71
Requirements Kickstart 2.04 or above and MUI (Magic User Interface)
Author Daniel Westerberg
Short Description MultiRen is a very powerful multi-file renaming tool with dozen of features..
Long Description
This program is for renaming, usually many files (hence the name)
using specially designed tools to do the dirty work for you!
But you can also manually step through the list using a simple
string gadget in a very comfortable way!

 *** This program has been successfully tested on AmigaOS4!

 - Rename hundreds or thousands of files in just a few seconds.
 - It supports filenames of up to 512 characters!
 - It uses MUI!
 - You can save the list for later perfection and final renaming!
 - You can export the file list as a completely customized textfile!
 - Many ways to automatically renames the files the way you really want!
 - Supports plugins for custom file data extraction for use in filenames!
 - You can number files if you want to make file series of some kind!
 - You can edit and customize the file comments of your files!
 - It's great to use when managing playlists or things like that!
 - Think ugly MP3 file names, think ugly digicam file names - No more!

The tools you can use in MultiRen is:
>> Adaptor          - Make all you filenames have the same length, smart one..
>> Extension Editor - Change/add/remove/clean up your filename-extensions..
>> File Cleaner     - Clean your filenames from unwanted characters and more..
>> File Comment     - Edit your file comments AND filenames anyway you like!
>> Numberer         - Number your files, or remove numbers. bin/dec/hex/alpha..
>> RenPlacer        - Advanced *wildcard?-based rename/replace/find-functions..
>> Sort             - Sort your files anyhow, or shuffle them for saving as a playlist..

Two useful things that I didn't classify as tools..:
>> Export list as text.. - Save the list as text for use in f.ex
                           a script or as a playlist or just as a
                           structured and easy to read textfile..
>> Import a text file..  - Import new filenames from a textfile..

One of the more useful features of MultiRen is that no files are
actually renamed during your work, but only when you decide so
and press Rename in the main window!

Another great thing is that you can save the list of filenames
and their states if you want to continue the next day or maybe
just to save the list as a backup so that you can undo your
work at a later state if a tool didn't do quite what you expected.

You can use it to create playlists, perhaps sorted or shuffled
if you want. You can also edit file comments in a flexible way,
like adding date or filelength to them or so.

And not to forget: MultiRen supports plugins that can extract
information from different files to use when renaming!

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