Software - Misc
Software - Misc
Name Version Info Description
BCopy.lha 1.0 More Copy command (mainly) for maxtransfer errors. 
BetterString_E.lha *.* More AmigaE module for the MUI-class (11.5). 
CyberLemmings.lha 1.1 More Themeable workbench pets. 
DECH.lha 1.50 More AmigaE-Compiler Handler. 
DigiConverter.lha 1.4 More Decimal, binary and hexadecimal converter. 
EasyHex.lha 1.1 More Prints out the 256 first bytes of a file. 
E-Developer.lha *.* More Modules + examples for AmigaE programmers. 
MDP.lha 1.01 More Makes DeliTracker playlists from DOpus lister. 
MemWatch.lha 1.0 More Memory monitor (both graphical and text). 
SetTaskPri.lha 1.1 More Sets the priority of a task/process. 
WarpSDL.library.lha 0.4 More A shared SDL-library for easy porting. 
XMasBench.lha 0.3 More Christmas decoreate your workbench. 

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