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Version rev2 (Schematics)
Designer Stefan Blixth
Short Description FlashROM drop-in replacement for Amiga Kickstart ROM.
Long Description
The Amiga FlashROM solution from OnyxSoft is a OpenSource project which is
intended as a drop-in solution for Classic Amiga kickstart ROMs. The project is based
around the flash chip AM29F800BB from AMD (and other manufacturer). This chip
can (if used in the right pin configuration) be a direct drop-in solution for the older
EPROM styled chipset like AM27C400 but have the advantage to be by nature easier
to work with since it's a flashrom and does not need a special eraser for UW light etc.
One other feature of this FlashROM is that it's based around 8Mbit (1Mbyte) flash
chipset which means that it can contain 2 normal sized AmigaROM kickstarts (which
normally is 4Mbit (512kB) in size. And having this extra space available we added a
jumper to the PCB which makes it possible to swap the content as a kickstart-switcher.
The original plan was also to have a flash programmer specifically made and release
for this project, this have been slighly delayed as this is written but it is still the main
goal so please stay tune for future updates regarding this. But there is a solution how
to overcome this at the moment which needs some additional adapters but can be
obtained without to much money involved.

The archive contains Schematics, BOM, EAGLE-files and setup documentation.

We also shared the PCB-layout (if someone want to build it themself) at OSH Park :

* Amiga FlashROM - https://oshpark.com/shared_projects/58xzuy3u


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