Software - BackUp
Name BackUp.lha - ReadMe
Version 1.91
Requirements Kickstart 2.04 or above..
Author Daniel Westerberg
Short Description A simple to use/smart backup-tool.
Long Description
This is a simple backup tool, nothing fancy. It simply copies
files from one directory to another. Of cource it only copies
files that are different in some way, like size or date etc.

- Very easy to use GUI.
- Backup from one directory to another directory.
- Very fast and copies only what needs to be copied.
- Copies files and directories as they are, does not store in some custom backup format.
- Can be used from the boot shell without any libraries installed.
- Copy softlinks as softlinks by recreating the softlinks on the target.
- Copy softlinks by following the links and copy the files and directories.
- Ignore all links completly, including hardlinks.
- Specify sub-directories that should be excluded from the backup.
- Specify large individual files (over 512kB) that should be excluded from the backup.
- Clean the backup from old, previously backed up files that have been removed from the source.
- Can be aborted or paused.
- Can be executed from scripts including all features normally controlled through the GUI.
- Can backup based only on the archive protection bit.

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