Software - JoinSplitter
Name JoinSplitter.lha - ReadMe
Version 1.4
Requirements Kickstart 2.04 or above..
Author Daniel Westerberg
Short Description File splitter/joiner (compatible with join etc...).
Long Description
Some features of this program:
  Easy graphical user interface.
  It doesn't create or depend on headers in the splitted files.
  The files don't need to have filenames like f.ex. splfile.001,
   splfile.002, splfile.003 etc. to be joined.
  You can make it compatible with all joiners/splitters that don't
   crypt files or put a header at the END of files.
  You have three split-modes, "Fixed size" between 1kB-2GB,
   "DiscOptimizing" where it fills e.g. disks to the limit, and
   "Number of files" where you specify how many files you want
   the file to be splitted into!
  You can drag'n'drop files from f.ex. Workbench.
  It recognizes file series when joining.

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