Software - CodeAudio
Name CodeAudio.lha - ReadMe
Version 3.12
Requirements A supported audio encoder and MUI (Magic User Interface)
Author Daniel Westerberg
Short Description CodeAudio is Graphical User Interface (GUI) for MPEG Audio-encoders.
Long Description
The great and well-known TheMPegEncGUI hits a major milestone and is
now renamed into -- CodeAudio -- better put that name on your memory :)

This is a Graphical User Interface - GUI (MUI) that you can use to
simplify your work when you're encoding Mpeg Audio (MP3) with some
of the most popular CLI-based Mpega Audio encoders on the Amiga!
However, it also supports a number of other CLI based encoders and
decoders too, like flac, faad, ogg, mpega etc.

The program has a Wizard for MP3 encoding which makes it exceptionally
easy to encode audio CDs into MP3 files with support for connecting to
the Internet and receive CD information such as album name, artist,
track titles etc. automatically or manually.

If you choose not to use the Wizard, then simply close the wizard and
you can easily create a file list and then execute it to encode a lot
of files over the night or so using all manual settings with full

The ID3-tagging is superb when you are using a list!
You can set one tag for many files at the same time to edit common
fields like Album and Comment and then set individual ID3-tags for
every file, and edit Title/Artist/Track either manually or by
importing a CDDB/ACDB-file or let CodeAudio download this information
from the Internet.

There are also some "intelligent" string extracting feature to use
when setting ID3-tags if your filenames are already complete with
Title, Artist and/or Track :-)

The GUI can be totally, or partly hidden (only showing progress)
when encoding! It multitasks which means you can interact with the
GUI while encoding, it doesn't lock you out.

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